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Nun birth: 9-pound baby boy a 'holy' birth, woman claims to have only felt pain

Nuns praying
Nuns praying
Photo File, Wikimedia Commons

Nun birth is one bit of strange news that has reached the rest of the globe outside of Italy this week, as a nun who claims that she only felt stomach pain recently discovered she was in fact pregnant. The woman gave birth to a 9-pound boy, with the baby said to be in perfect health at the time of his “holy” entrance into the world. Web Pro News shares the history behind this non-immaculate conception this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

The nun birth occurred this Wednesday morning, in a small but well-known city in Italy known as Rieti. The 31-year-old nun hails from El Salvador, and said in a public statement that she had no idea that she was pregnant. However, she began having severe stomach pains well before noon, and an emergency ambulance was called. Less than three hours later, she was in the hospital and on the mend after being in labor and having her 9-pound baby boy.

“I did not know I was pregnant,” the exhausted nun admitted after the ordeal. “I only felt a stomach pain.”

Shortly after the nun birth that turned out to be so much more than a stomachache, the brand new mother decided to name her boy a holy name: Francesco, also Romanized as Francis, which stands as a very popular name throughout the Italian region and is also borne by the current Catholic pope. The moniker may also pay tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, who stands as the patron saint of Italy.

“Those in the hospital began to take a collection of items for the nun and her newborn son after the unexpected nun birth, including clothes and other donations. The 9-pound infant has been confirmed to be in very good health."

The nun is a member of a well-known convent in Italy known as the “Little Disciples of Jesus.” After the woman brought a new little disciple of Jesus into the world via this non-immaculate conception, she gave thanks for his birth to the Lord. The convent itself works to help house the elderly and in need, while the other nuns in the convent were said to be pleased but understandably “very surprised” that their sister had a child.

“Local pastor Don Fabrizio Borrello has confirmed in a statement that the nun plans on keeping and caring for her 9-pound baby while staying within the convent.”

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