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Number two Sony moment of GDC 2009

Where do you think you're going?

Number Three: Kratos Takes a Ride.

We all knew there would be some sort of mention of God of War III at this year's GDC.

And I would also venture to say that we knew something would leak out of this year's GDC. The leak we received last week was a great look into the upcoming game of the God of War franchise.

The epic scale of Kratos' next adventure was shown to the attendees of GDC and there were cameras rolling in the audience.

Though the footage was only 50 seconds in length, it shows Kratos riding on the back of a cyclops, laying waste to the plentiful skeleton soldiers typical in the God of War games.

While the footage is still out on the net, it might be only a short while longer before Sony decides to strip the internet of the unintentional sneak peek to the world.

And Sony's Number Three Moment?


  • Yodathe3rd 6 years ago

    GOD OF WAR III is going to be a sweet game. a little look at it is all i need to keep my interest in this game. that is the moving levels will be really good. i can't wait to see more of this at this years E3.

  • low 6 years ago

    this game looks like the same game newer system x,o repeat o,x repeat it wont keep me interested for long.

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