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Number one way to lose weight ~ Journal your food


Food journals are a great tool for helping people lose weight! Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle, DIET is key! A journal is simply a place to write down everything you eat & drink each day as well as what exercise you do each day. It gives you the opportunity see where you are lacking in or if you have been indulging in something a little too frequently. And it gives you the opportunity to see where you are progressing with your exercising ~ burning more calories on the elliptical or lighting heavier weights. It allows you to be aware and accountable.

Journaling can be done either in a notebook or on a free software like My Fitness Pal, Sparkpeople, Lose It.

Key components to capture in your journal:

* Date
* Time you ate each meal/snack
* What you ate & drank
* Quantity of the food & drink
* What kind of workout you performed & how long.
* Any notes about the day or meal (i.e. super hungry, not hungry, headache, tired, etc).

Be honest ~ you are only cheating yourself!

After you have been logging your food & exercise for a few weeks, you can develop goals (i.e. add more vegetables, increase your water, lower the amount of carbs later in the day, increase your workout intensity, etc.) These goals will help keep you focused & keep your body responding.

If you find you are missing meals or skipping a few days with your journalling, ask yourself the following:

* What challenges in your daily life are influencing your ability to maintain a journal?
* Where would you change your journal to add more personal significance?
* Which habits would you have to give up to ensure your long term success?

Make the time each day to capture your food & exercise; it will be a great learning tool to reflect back on!

How many of you journal? Do you do it in a notebook/journal or do you do it electronically?

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