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Number one New England band of 2013, Bombardier To Pilot

Bombardier To Pilot has become the class of New England's pop-punk/post-emo scene, and in 2013 they were the top band in the region for all genres. From songs like "Pulling Teeth" to videos like "Rotting in Burlington" the bands continued growth while managing to maintain their honesty and integrity in their sound is more than admirable. The easy test for me with local/unsigned acts has always been this simple question, can I put on your CD and enjoy what I'm hearing without the justification of, "This is good for a local act"? In the case of Bombardier to Pilot, the boys from Vermont have always passed with ease. 2014 will surely be another great year for Bombardier so keep up with them on Facebook and check back here for future releases, reviews and interviews.

Bombardier to Pilot
Bombardier to Pilot

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