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Number of Topeka dogs dying from rat poisoning may have been exaggerated

One dog has died from rat poisoning; two other dogs survived.
One dog has died from rat poisoning; two other dogs survived.

Rumors flying around Topeka of over one dozen dogs having been poisoned and dying from rat poisoning may have been exaggerated although police and veterinarians warn pet owners to exercise caution with their pets reported The Topeka Capital Journal.

A report of a white van in the southeast Topeka area throwing little white packets out of the windows has dog owners in a panic. One pet owner of three dogs - two pit bulls and a beagle mix were known to have ingested rat poison. Two of the dogs survived, but one died.

A sign at the Potwin Pet Clinic, upon hearing the rumors of rat poisonings in the area, posted a cautionary sign advising pet owners to be careful when walking their dogs and watch what the dogs pick up along the way. The sign stated:

“FYI: It has been brought to our attention that there have been several cases on the SE side of town of dogs ingesting rat poison that has been thrown into the yard. A white van has been seen throwing white bags into the yards and so far 15 dogs have died from ingesting the poison. Inspect your yards carefully and DO NOT leave your dogs outside at night.”

Linda Halford, Topeka Police Department's manager for animal control verified that records show only three dogs have been treated for rat poisoning and one dog died.

In Spring, animal poisoning cases are more prevalent. No one knows for sure what chemicals were used during the inclement weather during winter for melting snow. Also, this is the time of year rats and mice are more prevalent; home owners inundated with rodents as pests may not be thinking about the potential harm and death of their neighbors' pets.

If you suspect your pet may have been poisoned, make sure you take him to a veterinarian immediately. The sooner the pet is treated, the more likely he will survive.

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