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Number 1 at Weber Park Golf Course is for the show

This diptych shows the first hole's fairway and teeing ground sign.
This diptych shows the first hole's fairway and teeing ground sign.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

After playing the first hole at Weber Park Golf Course, golfers will understand this nine holes, par three, golf course’s layout. (This hole will show you what it is all about. Weber Park Golf Course is at 9300 Weber Park Place in Skokie, Ill.)

The first hole is, of course, par three. From the only teeing ground (This course has only one teeing ground on each hole.), the average distance to the putting green is 135 yards.

Most amateur golfers will drive with an 8-iron or 9-iron. (All driving is from grass teeing grounds; there are no plastic, spongy mats here.) Strong, semi-pro golfers would probably drive with pitching wedges.

The first hole’s fairway points east-northeast. It is moderately wide and generally level. The Weber Park parking lot is its boundary on the left side. (A fence indicates that golfers should consider any golf balls landing in the parking lot as out-of-bounds.) Trees are on both sides, but the ones of the right side are fewer and have wider spacing between them than the ones on the left side.

Near the putting green on the left side there is a four-lobed, large sand bunker. This sand bunker slopes upward, front-to-rear. If golfers hit their balls under the rear lip, it may require more than one attempt to land their balls on the putting green.

This hole’s putting green is the largest on this course, but as putting green sizes go, it is only medium size. It has three lobes, and somewhat resembles a four-leaf clover. (It also somewhat resembles an electric fan with three blades, two of which are slightly warped.) This putting green has an elevation above the fairway of one-two feet.

The first hole’s course handicap is #3. The main challenges are the out-of-bound fence and the large sand trap. Most should definitely score less than five (double-bogie).

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