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Numari brings affordable custom made luxurious dresses for the working woman

Fast fashion may be having it's moment in the sun but bespoke fashion is slowly increasing in speed and becoming more on trend than expected. In a recent article on bespoke fashion (Bespoke fashion; sites for made to order fashion) different types of websites that will customize clothing for you according to your measurements were covered. Many of the sites included were focused on men's wear (Black Lapel, Indochino) and shoes (Chiko Shoes, Hourglass Footwear) with a few smattering of women's apparel. It's not that there aren't any bespoke women apparel sites out there it's just that they're either located somewhere overseas, the clothes are too trendy or the selection is overwhelming so you don't know where to begin.


Enter Numari a custom fit site for women that was built on the principle that every woman's body is uniquely hers. Numari revolves around the working woman who is too busy and doesn't have the time to spend hours looking aimlessly for the perfect dress. Numari presents classic staples that can be integrated into your wardrobe and will last from season to season. Each piece is made of exquisite tailoring so that each one is perfect for you and your body. Aimed at working women in their mid-20s to mid-40s the woman who wears a Numari dress is an aspirational woman who knows what she wants and needs a place to get it.

Numari respects that not every woman has the same build. There are curvy women, tall women, petite women, women who wear one size top and a different size bottom and recognizes that there really is no standard in the fashion industry when it comes to sizing Numari allows you to take control. They take the guess work out of trying to find the right size with its 15 point measurements system and videos for each measurement. When you submit your order you know what you're getting is exclusive to you and will fit you properly.

Numari was born from two women with no background in fashion, Komal Kushalraj and Arti Anand. Friends for over six years both of these women drew from their own personal experiences on needing working clothes that not only felt good but looked good and fit properly. Both women felt the depravity of fashion and the tiresome and expensive task of having to have their clothes tailored just to fit them. The concept of Numari came about in October 2012 and the two were finally able to launch their line almost two months ago.

With dresses that range from $160 to $235 for their classic and chic dresses, Numari allows its consumers to enjoy affordable dresses by not only expanding their line through e-commerce instead of a brick and mortar location, but also by being a direct to customer commerce where there is no middle man. Numari also uses efficient technology and manufactures all their dresses overseas ensuring that their main goal always remains the same and the consumer is always satisfied with their purchase. The consumer is always their number one goal by offering free shipping and free returns. They even offer a free virtual styling session where you can ask questions about the fabrics used, the measurement process, and even what style dress would flatter best your silhouette.

For now, the future seems bright for Numari. Eventually they will be expanding their selection to include other work wear staples like jackets, pants and tops as well as possibly looking into collaborations/partnerships with other brands. Also, they have just recently an online magazine/blog 'En Route Magazine' that will engage customers and open a dialog for different concepts to get a better understanding of what their consumers want and need.

To learn more about Numari or to order a customized dress visit their site at Numari can also be found on Facebook:, Twitter: and on Instagram:

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