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Disc golf review Nuke SS

One of the newest discs in the Discraft lineup is the Nuke SS. This disc was created for the middle of the pack disc golfer that wants a fast driver. Once you have mastered the midrange and fairway drivers, your ready for the Nuke SS. It is stable enough to control if you can put some snap on the disc. If you don’t have the snap down, you're not ready for it yet.

Nuke ss dis c golf disc

Discraft says that the Nuke SS is a super fast disc and understable enough to give newer players more distance without having to spend years of playing getting to that point. The Nuke SS is a maximum distance driver with a stability rating of 1.0, and comes in weights from 164g to 174g.

My opinion on the disc. If you throw this disc with no snap, it’s going to fade hard and fast. If you throw it with some snap, you can throw straight and long drives, with a nice fade at the end. I really like this disc, it is my go to driver now. It’s like a faster surge.

If your just starting out, don’t go out and get one of these discs, you will get frustrated because it won’t go very far and it won’t go very straight for you. If you can drive in the 300 to 325 foot area with a slower driver, give it a try. If you can’t, wait until you get there.

If you live in the Minneapolis area and you want to try one now. You can run over to Gota Go Gotta Throw and pick from one of the best selections of disc there is. You can also order from them online and they will get it to you fast.

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