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Nuggets pummel Pelicans to end four game losing streak

Kenneth Faried slams one home in 137-107 win over the New Orleans Pelicans Wednesday night.
Kenneth Faried slams one home in 137-107 win over the New Orleans Pelicans Wednesday night.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets looked like they could compete with just about anyone in the league in last night's 137-107 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Nuggs broke all sort of records in Wednesday night's victory over the Pelicans, both individual and collectively as a team. Starting with Kenneth Faried, who broke his single season record for most points in a regular season game with 34. Then it was the team who tied their single season point total with 137. And finally, snapping their largest margin of victory for the entire 2013-14 season with 30.

It all started with the play of Faried, who led all scorers with his 14 of 19 shooting from the field. But once again, as it seems with every victory for the Nuggs, it was a team effort that led them to be victorious. It was truly a block party for the Nuggs as at least five players had two or more blocks last night. It also didn't hurt that the Nuggs shot a ridiculous 55 percent from three. But the real star pick-up, whose stepped in the absence of so many injured stars for the Nuggs is Aaron Brooks; who once again demonstrated his supremacy among this young group of talented players. Brooks went an un-heard-of six of eight from three point land on his way to dropping 24 points off the bench. But not only did Brooks contribute, but five other Nuggets' players got into double figures to the Pelicans three. This was pretty much the perfect game for the mile high city.

For the Pelicans it seemed as if nothing could go their way. Starting off by giving up a horrendous 40 points in the first quarter, it was an uphill battle from there. Their only lead in the game coming at the 9:48 mark in the first quarter. And usually when teams are struggling they look to their star player for help, but in this case, he was nowhere to be found. The only All-Star on the floor in Anthony Davis, had to leave the game after back spasms kept him in the locker room for the entirety of the second half. Davis could only contribute 11 minutes, six points and three rebounds before calling it quits. The team's 22 percent three point percentage didn't help the cause, especially considering they only hit two three pointers to the Nuggs' 15. Not to mention the domination in the paint, giving up 18 more points down low than their opponent away from home. It just wasn't their night.

But the Nuggs should enjoy this win as their next six games will be much more difficult. Facing four opponents away from home, five of which have/are fighting for a playoff spot. These last six games will be a true testament as to if the Nuggs are for real or if they're just another streaky NBA bust.