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Nuevo Leon in Mexico plans to build police city

After four years of an intense drug war in Mexico, government officials are in the works of establishing four neighborhoods solely for police officers and their families. These police cities are being created to protect police officers and their families who in recent years have fallen victims to the drug lord’s menace. Since December of 2006 Mexico has endured over 28,000 drug-related murders.

One of the police cities in the state of Nuevo Leon has proposed building an $81 million (1 billion pesos) project projected to start by early next year. Nuevo Leon’s Secretary General, Javiar Trevino states, “the government wants to form a public-private partnernship to build a neighborhood for 800 police officers and their families.” Police officers who reside in these police cities won’t have to pay for housing, but at the same time they won’t be able to own their home. Nuevo Leon police officers’ salaries has increased from 8,594 pesos to 12,800 pesos. In addition police officers will receive a life insurance policy of 1 million pesos, as well as education scholarships for the children of police officers. The government hopes these perks to police officers will increase the force from 8,000 officers to 14,000 officers and more importantly establish loyalty among the officers in the fight against the drug lords.

According to Secretary General Javier Trevino, this planned community is a way of “keeping them [police officers] protected and for the good police to be better off. It’s an issue of professionalizing and dignifying the police.”


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