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Nuevo Laredo celebrates El Grito

Nuevo Laredo’s Plaza Juarez is dressed in Mexico’s traditional colors of green, white and red, dozens of vendors line its sidewalks, four sound stages sit empty but on Saturday night local bands will strike up their reverberations, but will people gather for the 15 de Septiembre celebration that remains in question. Already for the fourth year, the city has canceled the Fair and Exposition or “La Feria,” the annual event had all the features of Mexico’s culture from food to entertainment and was visited by thousands. But the ongoing violence and the lack of security forced the city administration to forgo the event. But the city like the country needs to stage it Independence Day celebration with the traditional “Grito,” or the cry for independence. It was Father Miguel Hidalgo who along with Ignacio Allende and Dona Josefa Ortiz de Dominquez rang the bell of a small church on September 16, 1810 calling for Mexicans to fight for liberty. Tonight the same event will be reenacted by Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan while in Mexico City, President Felipe Calderon. But some 210 years later, Mexicans appear to be fighting once again for freedom, the freedom of living in a country that does not need military presence on its streets. But some will come to Nuevo Laredo’s Plaza Hidalgo Saturday night to hear music, enjoy food, buy so many items on sale that feature the holiday colors. To miss the event is to give up and many are not ready to do that. Plaza Juarez is located five blocks from Laredo Texas’ International Bridge, Mexican vendors hope that the event will bring in some American tourists.


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