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Nudes Downtown, 2014 Second Saturday Art Walk Februay 8, 2014

Astoria, Oregon's local galleries kick off Nudes Downtown, 2014 this Saturday, February 8 as part of Astoria’s Second Saturday Art Walk. All galleries will host receptions on February 8, from 5:00-8:00 P.M. as part of this year's two-month long exhibit, honoring the Nude in the 21st century as depicted in different art forms. “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor any other kind of cold weather will stop this year’s event. We Pacific Northwesterners take our art seriously, and while we would not go out in the nude in this weather, we will be going out to see Nudes Downtown, 2014. This year’s exhibit, in keeping with the tradition, features art done by 21st Century artists who honor the human body through their art.

Nudes Downtown, 2014Artists exhibit at 7 Astoria, Oregon Galleries and art venues.
Vicki Baker, Tempo Gallery/Artist Collective
Motion by Elizabeth Bonn-Zimmerman
Catherine Al-Meten

The Nudes Downtown, 2014 art exhibit runs from February through the end of March. All galleries and businesses participating in this fourth year of Nudes Downtown, will be participating in the Second Saturday Art Walk, this Saturday, February 8, 2014.

Artists whose works have been selected by galleries to be exhibited this year include:

RiverSea Gallery: Lea McComas, Anna Kodesch, Sagan Newham, and Colin Poole, this year's purchase award winner from the Au Naturel show.

Imogen Gallery: Jo Ellen Rademacher, Kerri Warner

Lightbox Photographic Gallery: Catherine Al-Meten Lightbox Photographic Gallery is also running its The Photographic Nude, 2014 concurrently with Nudes Downtown, 2014.

Old Town Framing Company: Richard Bulman, Vicki Baker, Sandi Ludescher,
Jack Black, and Tim Ayupov

Tempo Gallery/Artists Collective: Yvonne Edwards, Elizabeth Bonn Zimmerman, Marga Stanley, Vicki Baker, Normandie Hand and Bettelu Krause

In-D-Hair Gallery: Yvonne Edwards, Sheryl Redburn, Rosalie Altina, Catherine Al-Meten (including artists formerly associated with the Artists' Marketplace) at 2921 Marine Drive, Astoria. This is this group's first 2nd Saturday Art Walk event at their new location using their new name. For more information, call 503 468-8622.

Clemente's Restaurant.

Bundle up and get out this Saturday night, February 8, 2014 to visit the 7 local galleries and art venues participating in this year's event. Enjoy this year's Nudes Downtown, 2014 along with other artists being featured at local galleries for this month's Second Saturday Art Walk.

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