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Nude PCH Tesla driver on drugs, having meltdown or psychotic: FD official

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The story about a nude Tesla sports car driver on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Los Angeles on Tuesday continues to gain steam, with New York's Daily News reporting on April 23, 2014, that other motorists traveling the California highway at the same time the man began to act erratically just couldn't seem to stop from staring and watching the unidentified male.

Capt. Scott of Pacific Palisades Fire Station 69 speculated to the Palisadian-Post that the unidentified male may have been experiencing a "meltdown or psychiatric episode or was on a controlled substance," according to an April 24th LA Weekly report.

One bystander named Teddy Bliss caught most of the stripping driver's behavior from the other side of the roadway, but the images seen are still too graphic in nature (even for that distance) for under-age eyes, if you choose to view the YouTube video shown here.

Bliss said that he didn't begin filming the scene right away, as the driver was clothed at first, only stopping his car suddenly on the highway and exiting it, waving his shirt at other drivers, as if he was letting them know something was wrong with his car. So when he returned to his vehicle no one expected that he would began jumping up and down on his glass sunroof, breaking it, and then getting back behind the wheel to drive it so erratically that he crashed into a Mini Cooper down the road.

Next, the naked Tesla driver abandoned his vehicle and tore down Santa Monica beach as he shed his clothing, which was what was going on when emergency personnel arrived to the scene. And that's when Bliss began videotaping the wild antics of the naked driver as fire department personnel tried to reason with and calm the man down.

The LAPD has not released a statement about whether the man was under the influence of some drug that made him lose touch with reality for a brief period of time, or whether the man had a psychotic episode due to a mental illness. But one thing is for sure: The PCH Tesla driver is now in the care of a hospital. And that appears to be what he needs right now.