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Nude bodysuits ... let's leave it to the celebs!

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In 1968, Jane Fonda took fashion to a whole new level by wearing a nude bodysuit. Since then, many well know celebrities have been seen wearing this trend – Diana Ross, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and even Lady GaGa. But what happens when this style leaves the big screen and red carpet and enters the city streets? Let me tell you, it’s not a pretty sight.

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Yesterday, I spent the day in the city wandering around when I came across a very bold woman – probably in her mid-twenties – wearing a nude bodysuit with long flowing, layered pearls and a nude-trench coat. Let’s not forget to mention her black hair mixed with hot pink streaks. Now, while I admire this woman for being absolutely fearless with her fashion statement, let’s leave this style for the celebrities.

If you really enjoy this trend, there’s subtle ways to embrace it and look – well, let’s face it – normal. For starters, try clothing with lace. So many stores are now selling tops that have lace cutouts throughout the back of the shirts. That’s an amazing way to get the ‘barely there’ look while looking great because let’s face it, the nude bodysuit does not flatter everyone and therefore should be left for the experts to style their celebrities in.

What do you think of the nude bodysuit? Should celebs stop wearing them too? Email me at TTYL! XOXO!