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Nude Barre offers 16 shades of nude tights for all women

Nude Barre offers 16 shades of nude tights for all women
Evelyn Brown Pr

Tights and dresses are what socks are to sneakers. Sometimes they're necessary, sometimes they aren't. They come in different designs and they provide a nice coverage. The variety in tights as undergarments, however, have the upper hand. The availability's just slim when it comes to nude colors; sometime's it's difficult to find tights that match your skin tone - especially for darker women.

That's why Nude Barre, the first line of hosiery to offer 16 different shades of nude colors, created the Bohemian Princess opaque hosiery. They compliment women who have warm shade undertones.

In addition to the Bohemian Princess tights, Nude Barre offers a variety of solutions for women of all flesh tones, light to dark. The hosiery collection contains wicking and antibacterial fibers that keep the undergarments feminine and comfortable, and the tights come in convertible versions that can be maneuvered from full-foot tights to ankle tights. They were created by Erin Carpenter, a professional dancer who saw a need for active, fashionable tights for an array of women.

They're only $21! Check out the entire collection at

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