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Nude adult pajama party at Krazy Kidz: Fury over nude bottoms where kids play

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When a kid's indoor play facility rented out for an "adult pajama party" on Saturday night, the Long Island, New York parents that take their kids there were outraged. Krazy Kidz hosted what looked more like a naked adult party from the pictures that the party goers posted online, according to parents, reports CBS News on Feb. 5.

When the parents that frequent this kid's place got a load of naked people on the slide that their little Johnny or Susie use, it was enough to disgust them. Parents do not want their kids on play sets that possibly have all types of body fluids on them.

The facility owners said they rented it out to make the extra money, but realize now it was not in the best judgement to rent it out for a risque adult party. They were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday to do a complete sanitizing of the place, a sign on their door indicated.

Flyers went out inviting adults to this party that offered a pajama party for adults with Jello wrestling, Twister contest, pillow fights and body painting and it was not put on as an orgy or sex party. The pictures showed bare butts on the same gym equipment that kids use there. That was enough for many parents.