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Nudashank Gallery: worth looking for

Matthew Craven
Matthew Craven

When you get to the Nudashank Gallery, at 405 W. Franklin St, you will know you are in the right place when you see its name on the 3-inch piece of paper next to the doorbell. You have to be buzzed up- the boarded up homes and lack of people on the street is a good sign that you should keep your door locked. There is not any sign on the door, so if you get lost, just ask one of the nice residents for help finding it. Once you get inside, walk of three flights of stairs, and open the door into a very different world.

The Nudashank Gallery
Trisha Benton

NYC-based artists Julian Duron and Matthew Craven discussed their projects at this busy little art opening. Julian’s abstract pieces pop out, with neon colors, sharp geometric shapes, and images that represent important things in his life. Birch trees, graffiti spray paint, pianos, flowers, and the overall art warehouse feel of his works are “nostalgic” images for him. He said while he created chaos in his paintings, he ties it all together by always having some point of focus around geometric shapes.

Matthew’s works features historical looking black and white images with pen and ink yellow and black details. Also featured was an avant-garde film by Julian.

The Nudashank Gallery is an artist living space. Where artists live and work, and they feature national artists to bring more diversity to the Baltimore arts scene. Recently, the gallery built a mini-bar, where you can have a drink and pick up information on the artists. It is located in the H&H Building, which is also home to other artist spaces, such as the Whole Gallery.