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Nuclear Security Team Adds Heavyweight

TPSG CEO Phrantceena Halres announced the addition to her team of nuclear security heavyweight Ken Dyer at headuqarters in Charlotte, NC, Friday
TPSG CEO Phrantceena Halres announced the addition to her team of nuclear security heavyweight Ken Dyer at headuqarters in Charlotte, NC, Friday
Demetrios Meimaridis

Security dimensions expand as protection at US nuclear power plants intensify

DALLAS (June 20, 2014) – Answering the call to expand protection at nuclear power plants, the only US woman/minority-owned protection firm of its kind is recruiting top experts. This week Total Protection Services Global (TPSG) with world headquarters in Charlotte, NC, announced the addition of Kenneth C. Dyar, a seasoned security veteran from Augusta, Georgia. Dyar is qualified to hold a secret “L” clearance from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so critical as to be certified for unescorted nuclear power plant access.

Dyar is the latest acquisition for TPSG as the firm moves to provide more than just the traditional way of looking at security with a director and armed guarding unit. The firm believes new thinking demands involving the total management team, from the top right on down, including people who are responsible for the firewalls, the Cybersecurity side. This total protection is being taught by TPSG at their NuclearPro Academy in Charlotte, NC, and at Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL.

“We are most honored and privileged to have such a talented, gifted leader, with a wealth of knowledge and experience,” says Phrantceena Thate Halres, CEO of TPSG, who has been trying to recruit Dyar for some time. Halres says she respects Dyar for being as passionate as she “about improving the current and future nuclear security workforce through an established model for the industry, and to expand nationally and globally.”

Halres spoke by mobile phone to Colonel Mason while traveling to nuclear plant hot spots in the Southeast. Mason is a host on the ScienceNews Radio Network program, the Promise of Tomorrow with Colonel Mason. The program originates in Dallas, Texas, and is also heard Webcast and archived for its world audience.

Dyar was educated at Georgia Southern University and cut his teeth as Security Site Manager at Southern Nuclear Operating Company’s Plant Vogtle, a commercial nuclear power plant. There Dyar managed all phases of plant security operations and administration for the Southern Company’s single most valued asset. Dyar brings to TPSG special talents as having directed a complete reevaluation and restructuring of the nuclear power plant’s protective strategies in response to newly defined threats.

“I am excited and privileged to join the TPSG team” Dyar told reporters. “Our nation's critical infrastructure must have strong physical security programs, and TPSG will be right there to meet these needs. I am very pleased that I may now continue to utilize my nuclear security experience with this respected organization.”

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