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Nuclear reactor for water desalination and energy

Turning ocean water into drinking water
Turning ocean water into drinking water
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Fresh water is becoming more and more of a worldwide concern every year. Demand is expected to increase over 40 percent in the next 15 years, yet less that one percent of the earth’s water is available as drinking water. Perhaps most astonishing to those of us in the west is that about 30 percent of the world does not have access to clean drinking water.


A solution to this huge worldwide problem may be very close at hand.

Green World Water (GWW™) is a Eagle, Idaho based company and a subsidiary of Alternate Energy Holdings.  The company has developed the first commercially available nuclear desalination reactor. Clean water is produced from the ocean or brackish sources. The same facility will also produce electricity. In combination this facility will be able to pump their cleaned water hundreds of miles from the source.

GWW™ reactors are based on advanced western technology. They come in a variety of sizes and can be financed by the company. The nuclear reactors currently are designed to provide 650 megawatts and 1100 Megawatts. This is good for large communities but some real exciting news is that because of recent innovation soon 25-megawatt stackable units will be available.  

The potential applications are extensive.  The GWW™ units have the ability to produce clean water from the ocean, rivers, and even brackish sources and because they also provide a large source of power, they can generate enough electricity to supply the energy needs of entire communities.

The cost of a plant that will produce 650 megawatts is about US $3 billion. A plant of this size can desalinate approximately 400,000 cubic meters of water per month. Cost of the desalinated water is about $0.35 per cubic meter, which is considerably cheaper than the typical desalination technologies in use today.

Analyzing the cost of the facility reveals that the purchaser basically either gets water or electricity for free. Because the US $3 billion is a price one would expect to pay for either that size of desalination plant or that size of a nuclear electrical generation plant.

The designers of this amazing system claim that the very latest in safety has been included in the design. Their vast experience of nuclear design includes several US nuclear generating stations, and they will guarantee supply.

There are a lot of technologies on the market. This one is clean, cheap, and available. The company’s stock has seen over a 100 percent increase in value for three months this year.



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