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Nuclear Cowboyz, FMX at it's best!

Nuclear Cowboyz
Nuclear Cowboyz
Josh Herr
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Nuclear Cowboyz Preveiew!

Freestyle motocross has reached a new height, The Nuclear Cowboyz tour is a heart attack waiting to happen!

This is not your ordinary fmx show. There is a story line, good versus evil, light versus dark. Adam Jones is the leader of the light team. Twitch is the leader of the dark team. The light team is also known as the Soldiers of Havoc, where as the dark team is the Metal Mulisha.

Nuclear Cowbowz truly is the dawn of a whole new fmx experience. With the best riders in the world! Nuclear Cowboyz is an explosive theatrical production that ignited the arena floor in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. I left the arena with an adrenaline rush that carried over to the next day.

This tour is creating a new frontier in the fmx world, by combining gravity defying tricks, and an extremly high caliber entertainment, provided by the Nuclear Cowgirlz.


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