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NSA spying: President Obama gives best speech of his presidency

President Obama delivered the best speech of his presidency on Jan. 17 detailing the administration's planned overhaul of the National Security Administration (NSA). This action was in response to the documents released by NSA leaker, Edward Snowden. You can read more about the exact content of President Obama's speech in a Jan. 17 report on

President Barack Obama addresses the NSA situation.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Obama thoroughly laid out the entire NSA issue in clear and sensible terms. He examined the issue from every angle, discussing national security, terrorism, privacy issues, and even the NSA employees charged with carrying out the data gathering. He explained some scenarios which involved plots of terrorist activity that would make this advanced technology very valuable. Some of the information was probably new to most Americans.

This speech was Obama at his best. His content and delivery were both successful in communicating an increased sense of security to a very nervous citizenry.

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