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NSA's XKeyscore gathers everything

The first and fourth amendment are in grave danger because the NSA has a program called XKeyscore which can gather everything of your personal data including hacking into your email accounts. European newspapers claim that the program can retroactively import several days' worth of queued metadata and the content of the communications.

XKeyscore is a formerly secret computer system used by the United States National Security Agency

A detailed commentary on an NSA presentation published in The Guardian in July 2013 states that the XKeyscore system is continuously collecting so much Internet data that it can be stored only for short periods of time. Content remains on the system for only three to five days, while metadata is stored for 30 days. The commentary also cites a document published in 2008 declaring that "At some sites, the amount of data we receive per day (20+ terabytes) can only be stored for as little as 24 hours.

In July of this year, Congress passed a bill with 205 voting yes and 217 voting no to discontinue the NSA surveillance program. The Obama administration was vehemently opposed to it. But Civil Rights advocacy groups think that the surveillance programs are a betrayal of our constitutional rights and that legislatures are complicit with abuses because the Congressmen who voted against the bill will get 122% more campaign kickbacks from private defense contractors, but that was still a narrow margin, and it shows that there are many people who are in favor of defunding surveillance programs. California's Congressman Sam Farr voted in favor of the bill and this was written by the National Constitution Center by Jonathan Hafetz:

The impact of NSA surveillance is deep and far-reaching. Vacuuming up Americans’ communications undermines basic principles of privacy. It also chills the communications and discourse essential to a democratic society and fundamentally alters the citizenry’s relation with its government.

The video in the article is an interview with Shahid Buttar who is a civil rights attorney and executive director of BORDAC, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. He talks about the threat of 4th amendment rights because of the use of domestic drones, secret NSA agency embezzlement, congressmen getting campaign kick backs from the NSA, and the United States as a serial human rights abuser because of pervasive surveillance techniques. He recited this poem at the "Restore the Fourth" rally at McPherson Square in Washington D.C. on July 4, 2013:

"Here's a lesson you'll learn someday

Watch what you say

They spy on your mind

Record your calls for posterity

Commit daily executive crimes with impunity

They're the authorities, they're here to keep you safe

Until inevitably the boot ends up on your face."

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