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NSA March on Washington: Protesting NSA's and FBI's spying on Americans

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On Saturday, an anti-NSA (National Security Agency) march was held in Washington, D.C., according to a Saturday report in the Inquisitr. The march on Washington was conducted to show extreme dissatisfaction with online surveillance on American citizens by the United States government.

The spying – which was mostly revealed by Edward Snowden’s release of information – provoked hundreds of people who participated in the march to let the NSA know how displeased they are with the government’s surveillance on Americans.

The signs of protest asserted such messages to the NSA as “Unplug Big Brother,” “Stop Mass Spying,” and “Thank you, Edward Snowden.”

In an unusual event, the anti-NSA Washington march reportedly saw Republicans and Democrats protesting the government together. The protest was located at the bottom of Capitol Hill in Washington.

“Stop Watching Us” is the name of the organization that threw the event together. Its coalition includes the Civil Liberties Union and also encompasses approximately 100 advocacy groups and companies.

The group sent the United States Congress a letter which urges the nation’s lawmakers to retract the Patriot Act. Furthermore, the letter asks the elected officials to take immediate action to halt the surveillance and provide a full public accounting of the NSA’s as well as the FBI’s data collection programs.