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NRB Convention Draws Thousands

Spiritual Tidal Wave Rocks Nashville
Spiritual Tidal Wave Rocks Nashville
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Nashville, TN -The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention has been very energetic, high powered, informative, crucial, and for me it is Chap Oscar's definition of Fabulous Inspiration! It is exciting to meet Couples joined together to spread the Gospel in a professional, top-notch way. I have the burning conviction that this world is about to receive a Spiritual Tidal Wave led by couples like Drake and Serena Travis, The High Road Talk Show The other couple who are on the forefront with power packed prayers and great Words of Destiny are my dear friends Kit and Dona Keener, It was good to see Jonathan Williams and his new work The Women Jesus Loved I had a chance to spend quality time with Joseph ( International Filmmaker) and Kathy Sindorf (Associate Professor of Communication, Cornerstone University) Today I'll spend time with Pastor W.C. Chambliss,111 and Dr. Brenda C. Miller with the Body Builders Reality TV Ministry You have to just love their slogan and publication Harambe which in Swahili means "Let's Pull Together". Chap Oscar is also proud of Scott Link Scott took a Christian sitcom from concept to worldwide broadcast for under $9000.00 which is awesome! It was fun to fellowship with the Sovee Cloud-based Translations Technology Team Thank God for the love and support of my wife Marsha and sons EJ and Henry who pray and support the Chap Oscar Outreach.

This NRB Convention is an opportunity to create significant alliances like the one John Daniel and myself are establishing It is at the end of the day all about Godly Standards, Leadership Excellence and Networking.

Some think revival always starts with spectacular, phenomenal demonstrations of God's power and glory. Sometimes it does! But for me it very frequently begins with something quite small like working together as a couple as a family as a close knit team that Grows!

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