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NRA = modern day Don Quixote?

Carry on NRA
Carry on NRA
C Woodard

While many readers may view this article as ‘NRA bashing’ that view would not be quite correct. All one could ask is with these alerts, you read them fully, analyze them fully and then make up your own mind.

As so often happens, these alerts fail to appear on the NRA website in good time, if at all.

From the NRA
Dear Friend,
The gun registration scheme that you and I (?) narrowly defeated last year is BACK.

Just what is it that we are talking about here? The answer becomes obvious further down. Hint: It’s NOT back.

Right now, Barack Obama and his allies in Congress are devising every possible scheme to pass his so-called "universal background checks" plan. But background checks are NOT the real goal behind this effort.

Universal Background Checks? This so call universal background checks legislation was defeated in the Senate. If memory serves, this was the ‘Manchin-Toomey AMENDMENT’ to Harry Reid’s all encompassing gun bill S 649 of which Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapon ban bill S 150 was included.

Readers here may well remember, or at least be aware of what happened in the Senate in March 2013 when the debates and votes on 11 of the 13 Amendments were considered, and one passed. The following day the additional two Amendments were considered, one of which passed. So in total only two of proposed 13 Amendments passed. It was such a resounding defeat, that Reid pulled S 649 from the floor and of course there was no vote.

The Obama administration has clearly stated that once their plan is put into place, all law-abiding gun owners LIKE YOU must be forced to submit to mandatory "gun registration" to enforce the new law.

You read that right. GUN REGISTRATION. Not just for every gun you buy, but for every gun you already own!

If Obama forces you to register your guns, how long do you think it will be before every firearm you own is banned and confiscated?

This single legislative battle is the biggest fight that you and I will face in Congress this year. The outcome will decide the fate of our freedoms for the rest of our lives.

So before you do anything else today, please sign this Official NRA-ILA Petition to Congress and tell them to vote NO on Obama's gun registration scheme.

I need you to stand and be counted with me and tens of thousands of your fellow patriots RIGHT NOW in front the U.S. House and Senate.

Every Representative and Senator needs to know that you're more defiant and more determined than ever to beat back Obama's gun registration plan and save your sacred Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

REMEMBER: You and I won the first round of this fight and stopped Obama's gun registration bill last year by a dangerously slim margin of only five votes in the U.S. Senate.

If the NRA is referring to the ‘Manchin-Toomey AMENDMENT’, then at this point in time, it wouldn’t have mattered if it passed or not. It was an Amendment to a bill that NEVER came to a vote. With the present political winds, it most likely will never resurface, against Reid’s hopes, for a vote. Reid would dearly love to see the political winds change so he can pick up S 649, dust it off and put it up for a vote. He will only do that if he thinks he has the votes.

The rest of the NRA alert just like the above is just more scare mongering.

The second round of this fight has begun and we need to come out of our corner swinging hard RIGHT NOW. Demand that Congress vote NO on Obama's gun registration scheme by signing this petition today.

And after you sign your petition, pleasemake a generous contribution to NRA-ILA. Whatever amount you can give, all I ask is that you be as generous as you can be at this critical time.

Your signed petition represents one more powerful voice that our elected officials can't ignore.

And your generous contribution will give us the strength we need to ramp up our media campaign and national grassroots network…and WIN every last vital vote in Congress we desperately need to stop Obama's gun registration plan.

Only NRA-ILA has the national reach and proven ability to win a fight this big. But we can't do it without your active involvement and strong support right now.

Thank you.

Chris W. Cox
Executive Director


I would like to express my deep regret at the passing of Otis McDonald. A true champion of Second Amendment Rights. More on Mr. McDonald's passing by Dave Workman

RIP Mr. McDonald.

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