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NRA 2014 Indy off to a big start

With Jay Grazio, Associate Editor, National Rifle Association, @ NRA Indy '14
With Jay Grazio, Associate Editor, National Rifle Association, @ NRA Indy '14
Liston Matthews

The crowd at the 9 am opening was not too big, but by 11 am, polite conversation was in vogue, "Excuse me." "Pardon me."

The crowd was starting to look like the Saturday afternoon crowd last year at Houston! NRA members were pouring in from all over the Midwest, as well as other parts of the nation. Jay, of the MArooned blog is now an NRA official.

I spoke with some some Hoosiers at lunch Friday and discussed the idea of Open Carry (OC). The wife was considering it but the husband demurred. It appeared that OC is not widely accepted in Indiana.

But as the show progressed, I saw some folks open carrying, and other than my asking them questions, their open carrying was largely ignored.

Among those I spoke with was Darrin Drudge, a resident of a more rural area of Indiana, who indicated he open carries quite often, both in Indiana, and when on vacation in Kentucky. To see photos of Drudge and other open carriers, go to Good Hill Press HERE.

Lastly, on the street in downtown Indy, I saw a young couple walking along, with the man open carrying. Maybe first appearances were not truly indicative of OC attitudes in Indiana.

Your mission, should you decide to take it:

Some who read this will point to the tactical disadvantage of open carrying. Perhaps so. But can anyone provide documented evidence of this? Please do not provide opinions, I have read multiple opinions on both sides of the argument. Just send links to the evidence. I'm not saying there is none. I just haven't seen it.


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