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To build a prosperous practice a healthcare practice takes detailed planning and a commitment to a marketing budget. Regardless of what type of practice your own, prosperity and success can be achieved in a matter of a few short years. If one creates and manages a marketing strategy supported by a marketing budge, one can make incredible progress in building a practice.

One’s marketing plan is the engine, the market budget is the fuel line and the financial commitment to that budget is the fuel.

Where Prosperity Begins

I have coached over ten-thousand doctors and office managers over the last twenty years. I have carefully assembled a valuable bullpen of the best practices in marketing and patient retention know-how. But to succeed in building a prosperous practice one must have the mindset of an ambitious entrepreneur, not that of a CPA, to succeed in business.

To a CPA, marketing is an expense that is to be deleted when the financial picture looks bleak and income is now stalling. To an entrepreneur, he knows that tough economic times are amazing opportunities to innovate new ideas and products. Recessions are prime time to grab significant market share from those competitors who are cutting back and hunkering down for bad times and an uncertain future in business.

Doctors that do not view themselves as entrepreneurs will become stressed and full of anxiety about marketing budgets and the bottom line, not confronting the sheer estimation of effort necessary to build profits and long-term success. I have rarely seen any doctor build a multimillion-dollar practice while being conservative, careful and worried about how much money he or she is spending on marketing.

Don't Compete. Completely Dominate the Marketplace

You will not win in business if you try to compete with the same level of marketing as every other practice. Those large SEO companies that call you 8 times a day, telling you, "You're not on page 1 of Google", are selling that same cookie-cutter marketing program to every other doctor in your area. You can never win when one-hundred other practices within your city are doing exactly what you are doing with marketing.

Every practice has a website. Almost every practice wants more new patients as their top concern. Yet, less than 10% these doctors will actually build a multimillion-dollar practice. This is due to the fact that the few that are ambitious will out-market and out-shine from the rest of the practices that are struggling to survive.

I know one dentist in Southern California that spends $40,000 per month on his marketing efforts, literally blanketing the entire region with surveyed promotion that now renders to him the largest and most profitable practice in his entire region. He was committed to succeed and dominate, with the mindset of an entrepreneur, and now is living like one.

Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue

To successfully build a multimillion-dollar practice, one has to realize that one cannot rely on just one or two marketing channels. Success is built upon a strong branding strategy, followed with a comprehensive plan that details what needs to be executed, by whom, with successes measured, which is then replicated throughout every day of the year.

I have developed 10 exact marketing channels, that when implemented with a proper estimation of effort, will help any doctor to build a multimillion-dollar practice in about one year. To learn more, please visit