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Noxious odors tip off Palm Beach authorities to seize animals living in filth

Bulldog named Kelly found on website of Big n Small Paws stating the dog was a surrender. Her adoption fee was listed at $450.
Bulldog named Kelly found on website of Big n Small Paws stating the dog was a surrender. Her adoption fee was listed at $450.
Big N Small Paws website

Officials from Palm Beach Animal Care and Control say charges are "inevitable" against a homeowner in the Acreage after 56 dogs, 3 cats, 2 hedgehogs, a parrot, pig, and a goat tethered in the home's bathroom were seized on Thursday reported the Palm Beach Post.

The animals were reported to be living in horrendous conditions in the home on Orange Grove Boulevard; an anonymous call from a neighbor complaining of noxious odors, tipped off authorities to begin an investigation.

The owner, Martina Alfonso, told Animal Control investigator, Dave Walesky that she operates the Big N Small Paws rescue. Authorities stated the place appeared to be more of a commercial breeder of purebred dogs - primarily English and French bulldogs.

According to the Big N Small Paws website, standard adoption fees for adult bulldogs are $450 while younger dogs cost $500.

As to the conditions of the property, dogs were being kept in wire cages. Some had dental issues, eye infections, worms, skin parasites. Most of the animals were filthy as they languished in their own urine and feces.

An Italian greyhound had to be humanely euthanized.

Other dogs, including some pregnant bulldogs and newborn puppies are being carefully monitored.

The organization hopes to gain custody of all of the animals. If so, they will eventually be offered to the public, in conjunction with other local rescues, for adoption.

Palm Beach Animal Care and Control has become extremely crowded with an increasing number of animals having to be seized stated the organization's director, Dianne Sauve.

Just one week ago, an elderly Jupiter man's home was raided as authorities removed dogs, rabbits, ferrets and fish. In addition there were turtles, parrots, other exotic birds, and a miniature donkey.

“It’s beginning to look like Noah’s Ark around here,” Sauve said. ”If only we could get Russell Crowe to come and wash dogs.”

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