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Noxicare could provide solution to over the counter medication recalls


Everyone suffers from aches and pains now and then, be it a headache, backache, pulled muscle, etc.  Of course it's nice to know that most of us can rely on over the counter medication to alleviate those aches and pains - but, can we?  Within the last several months, Tylenol alone has issued multiple recalls involving faulty pain medications.  The reality of such recalls can leave many of us scrambling for a back-up plan, another avenue of intervention. At the end of this tunnel there is light, and it lies in natural products. One such breakthrough offering hope to those plagued with aches and pains is a new product called Noxicare.

What Is Noxicare?
Created by the board-certified interventional pain management specialist Dr. Reza Ghorbani, Noxicare is a non-pharma drug (using only natural ingredients) for pain relief.  Noxicare is relatively new on the market, but the consumers lucky enough to have tried it are sold on it's ability to relieve muscle aches, nerve pain, and inflammation.  Because Noxicare is a natural alternative, made from seven of the world's most potent pain relief agents, you won't have to worry about the hazards of side effects. Noxicare is utilized by those in need of pain relief for everything from headaches and athletic injuries to fibromyalgia and patients suffering from chemotherapy side effects.

The Inspiration Behind Noxicare
Dr. Reza Ghorbani's knowledge and expertise has positioned him at the forefront of advanced treatment for acute and chronic pain. Noxicare was created in his quest to fill a void between finding something to help patients, yet remain free from side effects. Over the counter medications and prescriptions drugs are both known to bear harmful side effects, including some effects that can cause health issues with the kidney, liver, etc. Dr. Ghorbani states, “Over the years I’ve found one constant in pain management—whether I’m treating professional athletes, US Olympic team members, or patients from any walk of life—there is too often an unhappy trade off between pain relief and side effects.  I created Noxicare as a safe, first-line pain management remedy that is powerfully effective, free of any known side effects, and accessible to anyone.”

How Does It Work?
Primarily Noxicare is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it alleviates pain by reducing inflammation, but it also treats other pain pathways other than inflammation. Noxicare is comprised of Turmeric, Willow Bark, Ginger, Rosemary Extract, Holy Basil, Boswellia Extract and Alpha Lipoic Acids.  This is the precise cocktail of ingredients put together by Dr. Ghorbani to rid yourself of aches and pains, all the while sparing you from unwanted side effects.  Noxicare is by no means a "cure" in itself, but rather engages your body's natural healing abilities. Since the product's development extensive testing has been completed, and thus far has produced no side effects.  Noxicare is deemed as 100% safe for everyday use and is available as a cream or tablet form.

Noxicare is available as a 3.5oz cream for $19.95 at, select pharmacies and online retailers. Questions about retailer opportunities can be answered by calling 877-669-4227 or by sending an email to


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