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Now you can edit A Look Back by facebook

Edit A Look Back
Edit A Look Back
Wendy Spickerman

February 7, 2014, Just three hours ago Facebook posted a status update on their A Look Back Page stating, “SHARED <> A LOOK BACK System updated, now with editing your video.”

We have tested the waters and found the editing instructions quite simply. You can uncheck ( ✓)what Facebook first published and select something in its place.

However, I’m not sure Facebook has gotten all the glitches out of the system as the movies still seem rather fuzzy. Just yesterday, a Facebook rep. remarked they were working on it and we recently covered that news break as well. You can read the article attached below.

Should Facebook had taken more time?

Will the Facebook masses be happy with these changes, you decide. Let us know what you think about Facebook’s newest feature.

Keep in mind with the new year here, Facebook also does a “year in review” Now is the time implement the photos, status updates and life events you want shared for ‘2014’. You can see your year in review at