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Now what? Response to the Donald Sterling audio clip.

Now what? How will you address this issue with your children?
Now what? How will you address this issue with your children?

While I think it's commendable that people have voiced their strong feelings towards racism. Along with their strong resolve not to support the L.A Clippers owner Sterling by boycotting & not attending his games & arena. The team today unitedly wore their practice jerseys in reverse & removed them center court. Stars and legendary athletes of old have made public statements clearly displaying their stand on the issue. And social media has been buzzing ever since the tmz video hit the web. Now what?

Will this issue fall to the waist side, like many other important issues do in our world? Will minorities use their voice for all but a week or two and then go back to their regular lives? Will Clipper games be boycotted until this racist gives a public apology? Or until his PR people advise him to give discounted tickets, if not, FREE tickets to the playoff games to show that he's sincerely apologetic? Will minorities become consumers again? Will we be bought? Will money silence the offended?

Much was said and heard on that audio clip. Although I think many missed the gist of what was really said. Yes, Sterling is clearly a racist, but who caught what he was really saying? He mentioned his stance on this issue, as if he was obligated to view minorities a certain way because of his stature & position. So I ask, obligated to who? To his billionaire peers & associates that's who! His statements resonated of a old slave master. While many will say "these athletes are getting paid millions! Slaves weren't paid". Really? Slaves were not "paid" but they were fed & housed. Athletes as an example, are paid and they spend their millions where? #illwait The money eventually goes back to this elite group. Think about it, who is benefitting from their blood, sweat & tears on that court? Or on a football field? Here's a better question: Who is cutting these million dollar salary checks to these athletes? The owners! Who are ALL white! In almost every professional sport, white owners rule. Owners like Sterling who understand consumerism & capitalism. Owners who will let minorities make them richer while never thinking they could ever be their equals. Slave trade was entirely based on consumerism and finances. It was big business and many slave owners doubled if not quadrupled their income from the labor of the slaves they purchased. When the slaves stopped producing, they were removed. When athletes stop performing at a high level, they are traded or laid off aka the checks stop. Slavery has never ended, it has just evolved & became more politically correct. All Mr. Sterling did was accidentally remind us of this fact.

Will racism ever end? That's a great question & I guess only time will tell how this will all pan out.