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The HPFA is the One Who Knocks
The HPFA is the One Who Knocks

The Golden Globes are rapidly becoming the most entertaining award show, with the possible exception of the Independent Spirit Awards, both of which, perhaps not coincidentally, are the only ones that currently allow both hosts and participants to get thoroughly drunk before and during the ceremony. Of course, it helps immensely to have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the show with the wit and banter they've perfected after more than a decade of working together. (Ladies, I beg you. Host the Oscars. )
As Amy herself put it last year, the Golden Globes are the only place where the beautiful people of the movies get to interact with the rat-faced people of television. Sometimes, they seem to indicate new trends in voters thinking.

This is the part where I run down most of the winners. Problem is, I more or less agree with almost every major choice the Golden Globes when it came to television. Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston absolutely deserved their victories in the Best Drama category, and where else but here could Aaron Paul finally say "Yeah, bitch!" and get the reception he deserved. Robin Wright was absolutely the correct choice for Best Actress, although frankly, any of the nominees would've been a worthy winner.

And I stood up and cheered when Amy finally got some love for her brilliant work on Parks and Recreation. Would it have been funnier if she'd lost? Definitely. But the fact is, she never wins. She's like 0 for 11 at the Emmys. She deserved her night of triumph, and I hope it is a precursor for good things to come for the Emmys.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a pretty good choice for Best Comedy, and hopefully, there will be some added bonuses. Now that it and Andy Samberg (who was a decent, if not perfect choice for Best Actor in a Comedy) have prevailed, people will start to actually watch the show in more suitable numbers. Slotting it after the Super Bowl now seemed like a very prescient move for Fox.
I even agreed with most of the choices for Best Movie/Mini-Series. As much as I love Idris Elba, there's no way he could've prevailed against Michael Douglas for Behind the Candleabra. And I was delighted to see Elisabeth Moss finally win something for her labors after being ignored by the Emmy for the last year six years. Her performance in the Sundance Channel's Top of the Lake signifies good things for that channels original programming. Even Jon Voight's portrayal of sleazy father Mickey Donavan on Showtime's Ray Donavan was one of the better character portrayals so far this year. (I preferred Beau Bridges work on Masters of Sex, but still...)
One last thing HFPA. Go to Youtube. Type in Jacqueline Bisset acceptance speech. Look at it. Bet you're wishing you went with Monica Potter now, right? On a lesser note, next year, work on the placement of the stage. It took every winner thirty seconds just to get up there. Admittedly, most of them should've used it to figure out what they were going to say, but still, time is time.
Stay tuned for predictions on how this year's winners may affect the Oscars.

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