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Now Voyager: Navigating through Weight Loss Surgery

The Now Voyager Modules
The Now Voyager Modules
Suzanne DeKeyzer James

The series of modules were designed to help you navigate through your weight loss surgery. In each of the five sections, there are useful tools and worksheets to help you complete your journey and go forward to your bright future as a healthy happy person.

Section1: Journey Begins

This section gives you a description of what is contained in the work module and other medical information. Your journey is beginning and there are worksheets that help you plot out a course for your journey.

Section 2: Plotting the Course

Every journey begins with first steps. Section two helps gather up your biometrics, beginning measurements, pictures, etc. Then every month you'll take a new side and front view photo for a visual of how you are progressing. There is a worksheet for jotting down any questions you have to discuss with your of surgeon or physician.

Section 3: Captain's Logs

As you progress you'll keep a daily log. The worksheets take you through six weeks of activity/emotional logs. It will help keep track day-to-day of your journey. By the end of the month you can begin to see an noticeable correlation between your emotional and physical states.

Section 4: Set Sail

Exercise is very important on your journey. This section contains a 3-month course of exercise. There are worksheets for your personal trainer/physical therapist to use to complete a comprehensive workout/exercise plan for you. Exercise will play a critical role in your weight loss.

Section 5: On We Go!

This last section includes worksheets to help plan the next phase of your journey, including how to order more logs and sheets to document and journal your discoveries. Included are helpful resources on where to find items to help you continue with your journey. Clothes, shoes, compression garments, web sites, Vitamins, and other helpful information.

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