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Now Visitors To New York City Can Sample Cupcakes From An ATM!

Holly Madison Celebrated The Opening Of The Cupcake ATM in Las Vegas!
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sure, New York City is the land of street food. For decades people have bought hot dogs, felafel, chestnuts, pretzels, nuts, and more from street vendors. But if you're in the mood to add a little luxury to your New York City experience, now you can buy a cupcake — from an ATM! What WILL they think of next?

The pink cupcake vending machine is located next to the Nelsons’ Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery on Lexington Avenue between 60th and 61st. For just $4.25 at any time of the day or night, you can make your choice from up to 20 varieties and have your sugary delicacy delivered in a brown and pink box! Better yet, if you happen to be out for a stroll with your dog, the machine also offers two mini-cupcakes for $5 which are sugar-free with yogurt frosting.

So now you can buy your cupcake in utter secrecy -- as New Yorkers all know we're pretty much anonymous on the street -- unless, of course, you happen to be jamming the sweet treat into your mouth only to run into your ex-boyfriend or an old co-worker who you haven't seen in years....

But for a fresh cupcake, it's definitely worth it!

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