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Now The Google Fax Service Is There For You Too

Google seems to have taken an oath to come up with innovative technological services frequently. First, it was the operating system, then the mobile operating system, Glass project etc. Google has been doing a great job at complementing its Gmail service by integrating more features onto it. For example, just a couple of years back Google adventured to provide the entire world with free SMS/texting service through their Gmail accounts. Now the easy integration of online fax services with Gmail is also intended to provide great benefits to the individuals sitting at homes and small and big businesses looking to cut on their costs.

One of the best things about all the new services that Google introduces is that they are all very easy to use. Even the first timers have no issues in using those services and with a Google fax service this is also the case. Email faxing can now be done by Gmail users using their Gmail accounts. That’s all they need – their Gmail accounts. All the users with Gmail accounts will be able to not only send the faxes to the desired recipients but also receive any fax messages on their email accounts with no special steps or training involved.

Of course, to send and receive fax messages you need to have a fax number too. This number will be provided by the online fax service provider. When someone wishes to send you a fax the fax will be sent on the number provided to you and the fax will automatically be converted and delivered to you e-mail. Your internet fax providers can have different features. Some will offer you applications for your smartphones so you can use the service on the go. Furthermore, you can distinguish between various services by looking at the factors such as how many people you can fax at the same time or if there is a limit on that.

To send a fax from your Gmail account you will need to compose a message just like you do when you have to send an email. In the “to” box where you enter emails you will be inserting the fax number of the person you are sending the fax to. The fax number will be followed by the @ sign and the domain of the service provider. You will also be provided with a fax number which is called a Google fax number by most people. Anyone who wishes to send you a fax will send the fax on this number from his computer or fax machine and you will receive the message on your email.

However, it must be remembered here that faxing is not currently free of cost. Using the online email to fax services will require users to pay for the service. Most of the popular services are giving risk free trial periods to the users. During these trial periods you can begin sending and receiving faxes free of cost. The maximum trial period available to the users is of 1 month. The cost of these services is minimal compared to using a fax machine. These services also include several additional features that help make faxing easier such as multiple fax recipient options, electronic signature, fax storage and more.

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