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Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, now what?

Will he keep it going?

What happens once Valentine's Day is over?

Depending on what happened on Valentine's Day will determine what happens after Valentine's Day.

If you were fortunate enough to be in a relationship and had the privilege of being surprised with candy, a card and flowers then you are probably still floating on cloud nine.

If you were a part of the other group of individuals who protested Valentine's Day because they were alone then the fact that this day has come and gone is a reason to celebrate.

Valentine's Day brings out the best in most everyone. It's a time when just for one day a person can just let themselves go. A guy can be, as some would call it, as corny as he wants to be for his favorite girl and she can be on the receiving end with a smile.

In the end everyone is happy. She gets what she wants and so does he. Some could ask, "Should it end there?" Some could also ask, "Why does it take Valentine's Day to make people want to do something special?"

When it comes to Valentine's Day as we all know it will come again next year. Between now and then there will be some who will just move on with their lives and wait until next year. Then there will be those individuals that will allow themselves not to let one day determine when they should show someone how much they care or how corny they can be. What will you do? Wait or dare to be different?

Don't be afraid to show someone you love just how much you care. You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to do it?

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