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Now that the season's over, time to look at summer wrestling camps

When it comes to selecting a wrestling camp, Matt Krumrie wrote this book: Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Guide
Photo courtesy of book author, used with permission

“Wait ‘till next year.”

That’s a mantra that fuels the passion and the dreams of thousands of young wrestlers across the country after the completion of the season. Now that the wrestling mats have been rolled up after the completion of high school state tournaments and the NCAAs, it’s the perfect time for wrestlers of any age to focus on getting better for next season.

Summer wrestling camps can be a powerful tool to help wrestlers enhance their skills, learn from top college coaches and wrestlers, gain experience going up against athletes they normally wouldn’t face during the their school schedule, and possibly “get noticed” by college coaches hosting the camp.

A tool to help wrestlers get the most out of their camp experience is “The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps” book now available for purchase online.

As Matt Krumrie, long-time journalist who has written for wrestling publications and websites such as WIN (Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine), The Guillotine, and InterMat, states right up front: “The goal of this book is to educate and inform wrestlers – and their parents – on how to best choose a wrestling camp and other training options.”

After all, it can be a daunting challenge to try to pick the right wrestling camp based solely on camp ads, brochures and websites which promise successful outcomes and famous-name instructors. With the price of admission to wrestling camps being hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, no parent or wrestler wants to think they’ve wasted big bucks – or an entire week or month – at the wrong camp.

“The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps” provides basic information to help wrestlers and their families make informed decisions, with features such as a “Wrestling Camp 101” that defines basic terms used in camp promotional materials, what to expect from the camp experience, and what to bring. It even helps families determine whether wrestling camp is the right tool to improve their wrestler’s performance, or if there are other solutions better-suited to that particular athlete’s goals.

More than 40 Olympians, NCAA champions, college coaches, high school coaches, parents and others have weighed in with their experience, expertise and opinions for “The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps.” Among the contributors to the book: Cornell head wrestling coach Rob Koll, University of Virginia’s Steve Garland, Minnesota’s J Robinson, and legendary wrestler and coach Dan Gable.

The book's website also has features to help wrestlers and their families get the most from wrestling camps. For example, in March, Krumrie posted "Five mistakes wrestlers make before heading to and while at wrestling camp."

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