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Now it’s ‘Climate Disorder,’ a derivative of the mental disorder of liberalism

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Climate disorder or climate disruption, new euphemisms for liberal eco-oppression is no rose by any name but a scam in every name. Science knows no morality and apparently neither do some scientists. When scientists lie to promote a political agenda they are no longer scientists, but the high priests of a fanatical religious cult. That cult is the fanatical religion of Gaia formerly known as ecologists, global warming advocates, climate change adherents, and now climate disruption diagnosticians.

Recognizing evil is easy as one need only recognize the lies. Recognizing the lies is also easy as there is one truth about liars; they can never keep their story straight. In the 1970s it was Global Cooling. In the 80s and 90s it became Global Warming. In the 2000s as cooling began again it was altered to Climate Change.

Now it's Climate Disorder, and it is as much a disorder in the minds of liberals as their logic disorder is an aberration of their minds. Every incarnation of liberalism under new and assumed names are all geared toward one goal – separating the fool from his money. Earth’s climate is what it is, and their pretending that mankind can someone cause it, and that they alone can actually manipulate it, is as bogus as their science.

Science is supposed to deal in facts, not prognostication. When weathermen cannot even predict tomorrow’s rain, when climatologists have no idea why the Earth has ten thousand year warm periods between one hundred thousand year ice ages for the last million years, these shysters declare they can predict the global climate in the next century. If there were any truth to what they say, then their revelation would be made through science and not through politics.

Corrupt politicians all want the same thing – your money. Democrats have been peddling their environmentalism and using it as their bludgeon on businesses for the last few decades. From declaring land “protected” and demanding fees be paid for its use as they are in Nevada, to denying farmers in southern California water for their crops to save a fish, Democrats have been shaking down businesses for the last half century. It is high time this theocratic tyranny came to an end.

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These so-called scientists predicting the weather a hundred years from now are for the birds of the Chicken Little variety. Their imperative that we must act, “just in case,” is the empty promise of the meteorite insurance salesman. Just check out what they said would be happening today that they predicted ten, twenty, even forty years ago.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 they said hurricanes would only get worse. The egg on their faces when no hurricane made landfall in the U.S. for the next four years didn’t faze them. When Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012, they made pretense that no such storm had ever happened in all of history, as if they know, and that they predicted it. Penn & Teller nailed climate science in one episode of their hit series, “Bullsh*t.”

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