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Now is the time to plant your victory garden

Image from "Victory Gardens" movie
Image from "Victory Gardens" movie
US Department of Agriculture

Victory Gardens
Michelle Obama planted a garden on her lawn, and so can you! Perhaps she was inspired by Michael Pollan's letter to the President in the New York Times championing the importance of food security for our country. While it may be more important than ever before, Pollan reminds us that the idea is not a new one. During WWI and WWII, the government encouraged Americans to garden to mitigate wartime food shortages. The US Department of Agriculture even produced a twenty-minute movie to show patriotic citizens how to grow food. According to Wikipedia, victory gardens were cultivated wherever possible: backyards, rooftops, empty lots and public parks.

It's your turn
Spring is coming and now is the best time of all to plant your “garden for defense,” whatever your motivations. Some people simply enjoy putting your hands in the dirt and the satisfaction of helping something grow. Then, you only have to walk as far as the garden to make a meal with healthy, fresh, delicious food. Eating locally also reduces the distance that your food travels, and the fuel used to transport it. Let's not forget that we are a country in recession, and growing your own food saves money and generates abundance to be shared with others.

Even if you've never grown a plant from seed before, fear not.

Chico organic gardening class
Local gardener David Grau has organized a highly popular weekend gardening workshop starting this Sunday, designed to help people of any experience level get their garden growing. In a recent email, David points out that now is the time to start thinking about your garden and preparing for the “planting window,” which will come soon after the rains cease. The gardening class features presentations from local gardening experts as well as field trips to area farms. The class is very affordable and will benefit beginning and seasoned gardeners.

Class schedule: Six consecutive Sundays, beginning January 24, Meet at 1:30 at the Chico Grange Hall

For class information: David Grau, Valley Oak Tool Company (530) 342-6188,

Revive the Victory Garden is a great resource for getting started, as well as the popular Victory Garden TV series on PBS, providing gardening tips, recipes and plant information. 

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