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May 1 deadline to enter the CleanTech Open Accelerator

Entrepreneurs with brilliant cleantech businesses from around the world have a short window until end of day, May1, to apply to The Cleantech Open,an accelerator with over 30 regional hubs in 6 countries.

Enter the Cleantech Open Accelerator by May 1
Courtesy of Cleantech Open

The success rate for startups in the The Cleantech Open have show to have a distinct advantage in achieving success because the program helps refine their approach, strategy and business plans to a high level regardless of whether they win the coveted $250,000 grand prize. The incredible results working with CleanTech Open relates to their methodology as well as the bevy of mentors who help guide these brave souls through the "valley of death".

And opportunity knocks with investors and corporate venture funds seeking first pick at the ground floor of the next Tesla, the electric vehicle whose stock skyrocketed 300% this year or NES, an internet-of-things company acquired by Google that was started by the guys who designed the iPhone.

Last year, winner Heidi Lubin took the top prize with dozens of formidable contenders in her wake. Check out the Noble Profit video of Heidi talking about her company and enter the CleanTech Open by May 1 to follow in her footsteps. As they are saying, "Give yourself an unfair advantage".


The Cleantech Open is a non-profit organization dedicated to "find, fund and foster" the best ideas in cleantech. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we are an international network of business professionals, mentors and volunteers that span the US and 30 countries, linking early stage cleantech companies with investors, business partners, mentors and advisors in an effort to accelerate their cleantech businesses.

During the past seven years, more than 850 cleantech companies have taken part in our program and have gone on to raise nearly a billion dollars in venture funding. We’re now the world’s largest cleantech accelerator measured by our vast network of mentors and investors and by the engagement and generous contributions from Chevron, University of Phoenix, Wells Fargo and many other great companies.

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