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Now is it time to get rid of Michael Vick?

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Okay, the Eagles lost the playoff game this past weekend. Now is the time to look at next year. that means picking up new players and cutting some old ones from the roster. One such player that should have never been signed is Michael Vick.

He has been a public relations nightmare since the Eagles signed him. He plead guilty to masterminding a dog fighting ring.. Most people will stick up for the defenseless whether they are children, senior citizens or animals. What Vick did to these dogs is beyond reprehensible. His excuse was that he was taken to dogfights in Virginia as a child and it was is culture. He did not think he did anything criminally wrong.

Vick was arrested and lied to the American people about his involvement . Then he backpedaled and admitted to masterminding a dog fighting operation that brought in money. There are a few people that are staunch supporters of the Eagles and will support the team if a child molester were to be signed. Then there are a few people that will claim he needs a second chance . Let's talk about second chances for a second. If you or i had just been released from prison for doing what he admitted to, and we applied for a job with the Eagles organization, we would not be hired.

He got his chance when then Quarterback Donovan McNabb proposed him to Eagles management , who took pity on him. That was the stupidest thing they could have ever done. Vick claims he is a changed person. That may be so. If it is true that is a good thing.

Vick is the most hated player in the history of the NFL. He is despised. He had a book published and tried to go on an autograph tour. People threatened to firebomb the book stores and kill employees of the bookstores if he showed up. Those signings were quickly cancelled. A majority of fans of the Eagles are not fans anymore. "I refuse to watch them until he is gone", said Martin Morley, of Northeast Philadelphia. "People say it was in the past, bull, how would they like it if he killed their dog? We'll see how much in the past it is",Morley added. So is Morley in the minority? Is he an animal rights zealot who needs a reality check? To answer that question,one only has to venture to Doobies Bar .

This place refused to tune to an Eagles game while Vick is on the roster. There are other places like Doobies and a lot more people that echo Morley's sentiments. Their reasoning is that while Vick is on the roster, playing or sitting on the sidelines he shares in the teams success. Should they go to the Superbowl and win it, he gets a ring. "That will never ever happen while he is on the team, it's karma. We are cursed as long as he is drawing a paycheck here", Morley said.

So does Vick deserve a spot in the NFL ? "Yes, he deserves to get flattened by players and hurt the same way he hurt and killed those dogs. just not in Philadelphia" added Morley.

When Vick was signed last decade, the entire country vilified the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick was hated from before he even signed his contract. The Eagles have wasted millions of dollars and countless time attempting to rehabilitate his image. His on field performance has been way short of anything close to making anything this team did for him of any value.

He paid his dues in prison. Being a professional athlete is a privilege. Children look up to you as a role model. When you get signed to that contract you should be making better decisions. Shun your childhood friends who do questionable things. Vick did the opposite, he went into business with them . Then lied to the owner of the Atlanta Falcons about it.

He cleaned out his locker this past weekend, hopefully for the last time. If he is signed by another team who is willing to throw money down the drain and he plays this team, Eagles fans will be watching, waiting to see who sacks him and puts him out of his misery. That game will be dedicated to all of the animals he had a hand in killing.


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