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Now is a great time to invest in Ford stock

With the automotive industry on the rebound, now is a great time to begin investing in the stock market for brands like Ford Motor Company.
With the automotive industry on the rebound, now is a great time to begin investing in the stock market for brands like Ford Motor Company.Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The main purpose of investing in the stock market is to make money. There are other ways to invest your money, but investing in the stock market can offer a higher return than any other investment opportunity. Some people in Utah usually invest their money by keeping it in the bank and accumulating a small amount of interest every month. But there are other ways to invest — ones with a much higher return on investment.

The stock market is rebounding after America's recent recession. Now is a good time to begin investing (or, in some cases, re-investing) in the automotive industry. For Ford, for example, there are certain times when you should invest and times you shouldn’t.

Some tips to keep in mind while deciding when to buy your stock are waiting until stock prices are low — when its undervalued, or when you have done all your research. Keeping these three tips in mind will help you decide when to buy stock.

There are different ways to invest in a company’s stock. With Ford Motor Company, you can invest by purchasing common stock, invest in Ford Interest Advantage or invest in the Ford Credit Asset-Backed Securities program.

Since timing is everything when investing in stock, it is important to constantly check to see where a company stands. Now is a good time to buy stock in Ford Motor Company. Due to Ford dealers’ great third quarter earnings report and dealers’ great sales in upcoming markets, Ford looks like a reliable option for Utah stock investors.

The success that Ford dealers have seen with the F-Series trucks, like the F-150, is one reason why investing in Ford is a good idea. There is a high demand for these trucks. Ford dealers are expected to only increase the F-Series truck sales this next year; therefore, there is no harm in buying Ford common stock. When companies are becoming more successful, it is a good sign to invest in their stock.

With Ford’s EcoBoost technology rated a success and predicted to become even more profitable within the next few years, this means that investing in their stock could be a way for people in Utah to make money through the stock market. Ford Motor Company is also seeing growth in China. Ford has been investing in opportunities in China and their sales have been increasing faster than expected.

Investing in the stock market is a big decision and can be risky. This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly and people in Utah should have a thought-out strategy. There is an option of hiring a stockbroker, but they will end up charging you a high commission on your trades. The most reliable option is to just do your own research and making an informed decision. With that in mind, Ford would be a good option to invest in due to its predicted success.

Ashley Waite, a content writing intern at Fusion 360 in Salt Lake City, contributed to this report.