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November's Friday Night Magic promo is Brain Maggot

Anyone remember this part in "Star Trek II"?
Anyone remember this part in "Star Trek II"?

Half the appeal of a Friday Night Magic promo is getting a staple card with new art. Sometimes this is a chance for the Creative department to fix an old mistake - to give a new look to a card with previously unappreciated art. Other times it can be an alternate take on the flavor or the subject at hand. And still other times, it can mean turning the previous vibe up to eleven, as is the case for the ultra-gruesome new art for November's Friday Night Magic promo card, Brain Maggot.

In the original Journey into Nyx art for the uncommon staple, the gore was pretty understated - the maggot is depicted sitting there pretty placidly, inhibiting a critical memory. But in the new art, we see a Nyx-infused Insect covered in spines, of no known species or description, literally bursting out of an earhole, probably having physically chomped on some gray matter inside the brain. It's leaving behind a sticky trail of bubbling blood and filth as it exits. In other words: Eugh.

Fan reaction was, well... let me just quote some of it: "Disgusting. A must-have." "Bleh! That's definitely unpleasant to look at.... I MUST HAVE A PLAYSET!" "And to think some people thought the JOU art was gross..."

Going to play in a November FNM for one of these grody Maggots? Let me know in the comments.