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November mid-term elections could change America's political landscape

Will Noveember be the Democrat's Waterloo?
Will Noveember be the Democrat's Waterloo?
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Three topics will be the main theme of the November mid-term elections.

The first issue facing voters will be Obamacare. Will the American people think next November that the president and a Democratic House and Senate (2010) actually brought us affordable healthcare insurance?

The Obamacare issue itself may result in a Republican majority in the Senate and more seats in the House. In other words, painting both Houses red for at least 2015 through 2016 and the end of President Obama’s second term. That would effectively cripple any future plans for “redistribution” of the nation’s wealth, new regulations and a host other troubling traits the Obama administration has presented to Americans.

“You can keep your present doctor” or “You can keep your health plan” will resonate from every Republican candidate and his/her political advertisements.

The very idea of there being millions of uninsured Americans is a misnomer in and of itself as the so-called ‘uninsured,’ whether legal or illegal apply. They are not turned away presently. They might have to wait for hours but they do get seen and they pay little or nothing for whatever ails them. Taxpayers pick up their tab and it is still far cheaper than Obamacare.

Issue two is the NSA spying on average Americans.

President Obama claims this is for our “safety and protection for national security.” Although in recent days he has tried to abandon that position in favor of turning back the NSA policies to pre-9/11 procedures. It is nothing but rhetorical pipe dreams.

Whether through garnering our phone calls, e-mails, or text messages, it was done in violation of our Fourth Amendment rights. Not unlike the groping done by the TSA on plane passengers, the same goes for all the NSA spying.

Unfortunately, the president and the ACLU resist profiling suspected terrorists calling it “racist,” bringing grandmothers and children into the same realm as Middle Easterners.

The NSA obviously has their purpose in American society, but when they knowingly violate the Constitutional rights of the American people, they must be called to task – as should the man who is the ultimate decision-maker.

The third issue is Benghazi and the cover-up.

Four brave Americans faced the horrors of an enemy attack while the president watched them being slaughtered in real-time. Then came the incredible lie/cover-up over how and why they died.

We’re all aware of the fabrication U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice made on all four Sunday news shows about a YouTube video being the cause. Knowing it was a lie from the moment those words spewed from her mouth, she indirectly involved Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the president.

To this day, 16 months later, we still have no idea who is to blame and why Susan Rice lied to the American people followed by the president’s lies two weeks later at the U.N. General Assembly.

Will Americans be thinking of the ghosts of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty when they enter the polling booth?

What is an American voter's attention span?

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