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November is Pet Diabetes Month

Does you dog have diabetes?
Does you dog have diabetes?
Noël Zia Lee/Wikimedia Commons


  • Profile picture of Edward Cardona
    Edward Cardona 5 years ago

    Way to go! Great info here!

  • Profile picture of Charles Higgins
    Charles Higgins 5 years ago

    Thanks for heightening my awareness and knowledge base about this important topic..


  • Profile picture of Sherri Thornhill
    Sherri Thornhill 5 years ago

    Did it really take examiner 3 days to send this article to subscribers?

  • Profile picture of Bobbi Leder
    Bobbi Leder 5 years ago

    Yes! Can you believe it?

  • Profile picture of Pat Anthony
    Pat Anthony 5 years ago

    What an awful thought! So many people would not know this.

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