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Novelis announces a new partnership at the Craft Brewers Conference

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Cans

Denver is presently hosting the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference and besides offering a venue for open discussion regarding craft beer industry growth, the conference is also focused on the many opportunities and challenges ahead. One important challenge is sustainability and one business on the forefront of sustainable practices is Novelis, an Atlanta- based company that ranks as the world’s largest recycler of aluminum cans. Novelis has been active at the Craft Brewers Conference this year and the company is ready to tackle the aspect of packaging head- on with new aluminum can and a new partnership, as reported in an April 9, 2014 article posted at Great Beer Now.

A New Type of Can

Craft breweries are not just places to find delicious, artisanal malt beverage products. They are also known for their commitment to sustainability, reduced pollution, local economic stimulation, and the like. One change that is sweeping the industry is the move from glass bottles to aluminum cans and while there are many reasons to make a packaging change from glass to metal, one of the chief reasons is the lessened environmental impact cans provide. Novelis is the leader in aluminum can technology and just yesterday, the company announced a new aluminum sleeve known as Evercan. This newly designed can is the first in the industry made from a minimum of 90 percent recycled aluminum. Recycling uses far less energy than producing cans from raw aluminum and other materials and with 90 percent or more of the metal coming from previously recycled cans, a craft brewery can keep its carbon footprint to a minimum.

A New Partnership

Novelis took its first step toward a greener tomorrow when it announced yesterday at the Craft Brewers Conference its first partnership with a craft brewery. The brewery selected for the first ever Novelis Evercan union is Red Hare Brewing Company, a craft brewery located in Marietta, Georgia. Novelis President/CEO Phil Martens is thrilled to have Red Hare Brewing on board and he is highly optimistic in regards to the newly formed partnership and the future of beer packaging.

“This introduction marks the commercial availability of the world’s first certified high-recycled content aluminum beverage can,” said Martens. “Working with Red Hare, we have developed a proven supply chain to deliver this industry-first offering to consumers, setting an example that other beverage companies are sure to follow.”

Red Hare Brewing Company founder Roger Davis expressed similar sentiments.

“Novelis’ evercan aluminum is a perfect fit for Red Hare,” noted Davis. “The independent certification of the closed-loop recycling process behind evercan strengthens our commitment to employing the best in sustainable business practices, making evercan a natural extension of the Red Hare brand.”

Red Hare Brewing Company is known for its commitment to sustainability and Novelis’ Evercan aluminum is an obvious extension of the brewery’s pledge to reduce its environmental toll whenever possible. Already a local leader in its commitment to the planet, Red Hare was the first craft brewery in Georgia to package its beer in aluminum cans. Today, roughly one- seventh of all craft breweries in the nation package their product in cans and this proportion is certain to increase in the coming years.

A New Beginning

Aluminum recycling is an amazing way to save energy and protect the planet. Through the recycling process, about 95 percent of energy costs are saved and 95 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated. Any business that uses cans, whether for beer or a different beverage, owes it to themselves and the planet to reduce energy usage as much as possible. Novelis is at the forefront of aluminum can technology and its partnership with Red Hare Brewing is only the beginning of a commitment to slowly move industries at all levels in a recycled direction.

Novelis has aimed its business mission skyward with plans to increase the recycled content of its products in all of its global operations to 80 percent by the year 2020. It’s a lofty goal, but with a product like Evercan and the environmental commitment of craft breweries and other businesses, Novelis is well on its way to achieving its long term vision: A cleaner, greener planet earth where all types of businesses work to minimize environmental impact.

Look for Red Hare Brewing beer packaged in Evercan aluminum packaging starting in May, 2014.

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