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Novel Ideas For July 2014

Here follows another list (written in italics again because it drives my bosses at examiner absolutely insane when I do this) of upcoming book releases (an easy way to fulfill my obligations) coming this month. Yet I sometimes feel like a brat when I do this to them so I will turn off the italics and switch to something more reasonable: Bold letters!

1) The Heist - Daniel Silva. The continuing saga of one Gabriel Allon, the Israeli spy and art restorer. These books have become a favorite of mine.

2) Cut And Thrust - Stuart Woods. I've heard of him. Don't recall reading any of his books but he is a published writer and I'm not. So good for him.

3) Support And Defend - Tom Clancy. Of the Jack Ryan books and movies. His books and films based upon his books were quite good for what they were. I'm always saddened when a writer's voice is taken away. R.I.P.

4) Who Was Clara Barton? - Stephanie Spinner. Who was Clara Barton? I can never recall as my memory sometimes fails me. Civil War heroine or something I think. Google it.

5) The Hexed - Heather Graham. Not the hot actress. I guess.

6) Shots Fired - C.J. Box. Still don't know if C.J. is a man or woman as I've not read any of his or her books. The only other C.J. I know is C.J. Ramone, and he's a man.

7) Wayfaring Stranger: A Novel - James Lee Burke. I've heard of James Lee Burke. The title features the subtitle 'A Novel' in case the reader doesn't realize that the 500 page book is indeed a novel and not just a very long short story.

8) My Little Pony: Applejack And The Honest To Goodness Switcheroo - G.M. Berrow. I am not a 6 year old girl so I will not comment on this. But I assume this book would be more entertaining if the ponies feasted upon human flesh.

9) A Perfect Life: A Novel - Danielle Steele. She has written at least 849 books. Again the subtitle in case you're a drunk soccer mom.

10) Hounded - David Rosenfelt. Never heard of him but judging by the book cover it's about a dog. A Rottweiller I think.

Now I am done with the italics (oddly enough not invented by the Italians) and the bold lettering. Also, I will probably only read the new Daniel Silva book. Maybe My Little Pony too.

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