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Nov. 4th is on the horizon for candidates to project their campaigns

Political campaigns must be proving grounds for prospective leadership that will lead and represent all citizens.
Political campaigns must be proving grounds for prospective leadership that will lead and represent all citizens.

With the primary election over in Florida, we must now begin the final lap to take the campaigns to the limit one more time on Nov. 4th to complete the 2014 mid-term election cycle. While we can appreciate candidates’ enthusiasm, keeping the campaigns above board should be a priority so that we experience “more brains” and “less brawn hustle”.

Starting at the top of Florida’s statewide government, we can guarantee from past "fired up" political campaign cycles that Governor Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist are going to put on “the show of shows” with Rick Scott making it clear upfront that he has $100 million to spend in his attempts to woe voters for their vote as soon as the voting begins. Let’s just hope the performances that we will have to view or tolerate will not be renditions of "The Shootout at the O.K. Corral” in the wild old west. Scott and Crist will hopefully put visions of success in our hearts, heads and hands without spoiling or tainting our opinions or views by downing and degrading each other relentlessly.

On the federal scene for the U.S. District 18th Congressional Representative seat there is the incumbent Democrat Patrick Murphy and the yielded challenger for the Republicans’ frontline, resulting from the recent closed primary, is Carl Domino who in 2002, was elected to the Florida House of Representatives and served for eight years where he held a number of important roles in the State House but was best known for his property tax reduction proposal called "portability," which enabled local homeowners to move to newer properties without losing the property tax benefits of the home they left.

Patrick Murphy has vowed that during this campaign season his first priority will be to do his job representing the interest of the people of St. Lucie, Martin and Northern Palm Beach counties. Murphy has been quite visible lately on site regarding the “greening of citrus” (Citrus greening disease) and the possibility of no fresh orange juice availability as well as seeking funding in Washington to continually address and bring solutions to the St. Lucie and Indian River Lagoon situation which has been a thorn in the side of many residents for years!

We have all heard rumors or speculations that Patrick Murphy has “big bucks” of which he could wage a relentless and vicious campaign against his opponent; on the other hand, Domino has confessed that he is up for a good fight and willing to go up even against big money to stand behind his campaign to represent the 18th District in Washington. Almost everyone is familiar with the Bible story of “David and Goliath”, where the meager David slues the big and powerful giant with a slingshot and faith. Don’t count either candidate automatically in or out. As long as the candidates present to us their production plans (not reduction of each other) on how they propose with conviction to help the people on the Treasure Coast maintain and obtain the best for our communities that we work together to acquire, “we the people” will achieve the achievable candidate that to us will be a major asset for years to come.