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Nourishing mind, body, and spirit

Live your life to the brightest and fullest
Live your life to the brightest and fullest
Photo by Charlie Crowhurst

Being happy and healthy is comprised of the well-being of mind, body and spirit. Although all of these aspects are housed within you, they still require their own focus to optimally attune and operate at their highest. Below are a few suggestions to help align the vehicle of you.

For the body

Eat fresh, minimally to completely, unprocessed foods
Be aware of the size of portions you eat
Eat when hungry, not when bored
Take part in physical exercise to get the blood pumping and strengthen muscles
Drink pure water and herbal teas
Try a detoxifying cleanse for a few days (if you feel healthy and resolute enough for one and with your physician’s approval)
Do stretching exercises

For the mind

Observe any negative thoughts swirling around in your head and look for ways to release them
Have your thoughts been troubled lately? If so, dig into the root cause and establish a plan to find your way to a more rested mind about the bothersome matters.
Take a class in an interest whether recreational or for academic purposes
If you have been procrastinating on something, get the necessary ducks in a row and get it done

For the spirit

Practice meditation, tai chi, yoga, crystal therapy, akashic records work, angel therapy or another modality that feels right to you
Spend time outdoors disconnected from electronics
Purge clutter from your space and finally get rid of those clothes that no longer fit or that you know you will never wear again
Take a day off during the week and go somewhere fun…without feeling guilty
Laugh! Get together with friends that make you feel good, catch a stand up show, or see a funny movie. If you can manage it, laugh until you cry!
Volunteer with an organization you respect or even one you are curious about
Place inspirational words, pleasing scents, images, photos, or art around you at home and work

You deserve to be happy and healthy. If you feel you have been shortchanging yourself in these areas lately, find a way to change that, pronto.

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