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Notorious Sheriff Lee Baca resigning a human rights victory

Lee Baca resignation is major win for human rights and abused, neglected, falsely imprisoned LA inmates

Notorious Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is expected to resign Tuesday morning, a major win for civil and human rights defenders of victims of LA county's culture of violent corruption, including alleged war crimes against inmates and false imprisonments.

"Baca, 71, called the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and met individually with members of his command staff to make his intentions known," Eyewitness News reports.

The decision will bring relief to many civil and human rights defenders and inmates, including Falsely Imprisoned Persons (FIPs).

Drugs, War weapons, and FIPs

Eighteen of Baca's deputies face federal charges for inmate beatings.

For years, Leroy David "Lee" Baca has faced criticism, finally resulting in an FBI investigation into corruption and inmate abuse at LA county jails.

The federal investigation described a culture of violence at Men's Central Jail and Twin Towers Correctional Facility where deputies went out of their way to use excessive force.

Baca recently came under fire for questionable hiring practices, including hiring a pastor with ties to medical marijuana to an advisory position with the department at a six-figure salary, as an Eyewitness News uncovered.

Some of Baca's department say they were retaliated against for supporting Baca's opponents in the upcoming election.

Baca and his department have faced several lawsuits from the ACLU on behalf of former jail inmates.

Under Baca's reign, LA County Jail became the first of U.S. prisons to use the Assault Intervention Device (A.I.D.), a 7 ½ foot tall military grade weapon to microwave inmates, what LA Truth Movement head Chuck Noyes identifies as a war crime. [See: Microwave torture, war crime against targeted individuals and inmates]

The AID is one of many new weapons that can be used to torture and kill Americans in Obama's authorized targeted killings of Americans program. [See: Directed Energy Weapons aimed at American targets: Learning opportunity, Examiner]

Under Baca, political prisoners were confined to psychiatric wards, allegedly to silence them, according to Human Rights First head, Dr. Joseph Zernik, who said such cases were :not unique."

Attorneys Richard Fine and Ronald Gottschalk had separately filed complaints alleging LA Superior Court judge corruption. Both were falsely hospitalized with no probable medical cause, according to Zernik in a letter.

[See: Sheriff hospitalizing 2 attorneys questioned]

Zernik successfully took LA's corrupt legal and banking machine - FBI officials, judges, banksters and others who ruined lives of tens of thousands of innocent people - to the UN, officially recorded in the 2010 United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) staff report.

The corruption cited in the UN report included law enforcement racketeering that led to thousands of LA false imprisonments and real estate fraud in collusion with large financial institutions and law-firms at the civil courts that has led to thousands of people losing their properties.

Zernik had also uncovered in 2009 that under Baca, the corruption smoking gun was that cases were being filed and people falsely imprisoned with no signature on the orders. NEFs (Notices of Electronic Filings) were not signed, leading to thousands of Los Angeles false imprisonments.

[See: Corrupt LA FBI, judges, US banksters named in UN report]

After blowing the whistle on Baca and his deputies, Zernik was forced into hiding due to their threats of violence.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Examiner

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